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Noah Goodman, LCSW

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When people experience emotional pain or are struggling with their relationship to themselves, it can affect all areas of their lives. My passion is bringing understanding and healing to people struggling with these wounds. I help my clients find healthy perceptions of themselves, grow in self-worth, understand the origins of their wounds, and overcome the strong emotions that they evoke.

I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so I employ a range of modalities to help people understand and heal from their pain, improve their self-worth,  and navigate their lives with more balance and serenity.

I believe that a comfortable, supportive, and non-judgmental environment is vital for healing and growth. I pride myself on being easy to talk to, warm, and familiar. 


I graduated with a Masters in Social Work from The Silberman School of Social Work, and have been practicing on Long Island in a variety of settings including a university counseling center, an outpatient mental health clinic, and an outpatient substance abuse clinic. I am incredibly grateful to all of the people who have sat with me and let me be a part of their journey toward peace and fulfillment.


We can experience so much suffering because of our relationship to our emotions. They can seem overwhelming, even dangerous, and without end. We spend so much time guarding against or working around difficult emotions that they cause more pain or stress than we feel we can handle.

I believe that learning to understand and sit with our feelings is one of the most important elements to healing. My therapeutic approach includes tracing back the source of our anxiety, asking it questions, and dispelling the feelings of doom and desperation that anxiety can create when this important emotion is not working as it should but instead takes over.

I believe that communication is the most important part of healthy relationships. Being able to communicate effectively is a powerful tool in resolving conflict, setting boundaries, and growing in love and trust. Communicating freely lets us be seen, known, and accepted - it allows us to feel safe and loved. Being able to articulate and respect boundaries allows us to make sure our relationships stay peaceful and nurturing. When people can approach their partner with an open and kind heart, they don't take things as personally and can successfully work through issues and grow the relationship. Communication "removed from the drama of the ego, is far more effective"- Amaya Price.

Our formative and significant relationships teach us a lot about ourselves. We learn about who we are, how to plug in to others, what our roles should be, and what makes us feel like we have worth. When we are forced into roles that we shouldn't be in, or taught that our value is based on "being good enough" or providing something for another, we absorb those lessons and they form the lens through which we view ourselves and our world. Exploring and unraveling these dynamics, and helping people create within themselves what they have been conditioned to seek from others, has been a passion of mine for the entirety of my training and career.


I have been working in an outpatient substance abuse clinic since 2016. This experience has brought me an immense amount of fulfillment as I am privileged to watch people attain sobriety, learn to maintain it, grapple with their inner worlds, and rebuild their lives from the ground up. Our goal by graduation is to see clients cope effectively with their emotions and triggers, develop a robust support system, heal their relationships with others and themselves, and attain employment. In my time here I have gained not only valuable skills to work with people struggling with all kinds of addictions, substance and otherwise, but also have developed relationships and connections with all sorts of resources, from higher levels of care to psychiatric services, and even vocational training and education.

Young Adults/College

Since 2014, I have been working at a University Counseling Center on Long Island.  My clients in this setting are usually between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.  In my time there, I have learned that this time in our lives can be filled with tremendous anxiety, sadness and suffering. Students grapple with individuation, who they are, and confusing relationships. I have also learned that there is a tremendous potential for confidence, resilience and growth if we know how to tap into them. I am proud to say that I have helped many young adults process difficult emotions and connect with their potential for growth and self-confidence. 


As a proud ally of the LGBTTQQIAAP community, I am  privileged to be working with people in various stages of their exploration of self. It is important to me to remain sensitive and mindful of the unique intersectional challenges people in this community face, to support them on their journeys, and to provide a safe, affirmative, non-judgmental environment to all of my clients.

I maintain a sex-positive stance and work with people of all sexual orientations, relationship orientations, and gender identities.

Some of my other areas of experience include Anger, Depression, Family of Origin Issues, Life Transitions, Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, Self-Esteem, Social Skills, Stress, and more.


Contact Me

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Noah Goodman, LCSW

727 North Broadway, Suite C1

Massapequa, NY 11758

Phone: (516) 243-7909


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