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My Approach

I believe that the most important ingredient for growth and healing comes from a healthy therapeutic relationship. For some, the time we share in a little office weekly is their first experience being treated with warmth, compassion, and respect. Others might have gotten to experience healthier relationships throughout their lives, but everyone can benefit from the safe nurturing environment created by a therapist who is the right fit.

I utilize a variety of approaches and tools to help my clients accomplish their goals in therapy, because I believe a holistic approach is far more personalized and effective than being married to one or two methods.

Two of the methods I find myself utilizing the most in tandem are a Psychodynamic and Strength-Based approach. We all have a lens through which we interpret our worlds, a worldview developed over time as we experience life and learn about our place and value in it. When that lens is constructed with harmful messages, and those chords are struck, we can feel such strong pain and anxiety it can feel overwhelming. 


I find that the pains of the present are far more easily overcome when they lose their mystique and are understood as having reason and logic behind them. Focusing on the strength and resilience shown in the face of these challenges helps grow the confidence and calm needed to move forward.

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